Squint eye treatment in hadapsar, Pune

Squint Eye Treatment in pune

Squint eye treatment in Pune

A squint, also known as strabismus, is when the eyes point in different directions. It is most frequent in young children, but it can occur at any age.One eye may turn in, out, up, or down, while the other stares forward.

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Squint (strabismus) causes

1.Muscle imbalance: This is the most prevalent cause, which makes it difficult for both eyes to function together. This may be the result of neurological issues or weak muscles.

2.Genetics: Since genetics can influence the development of the disorder, a family history of squint raises the risk.

3.Refractive errors: Adult squinting can result from untreated vision issues including nearsightedness or farsightedness, which make it difficult for the eyes to concentrate correctly.

4.Underlying medical conditions: Squinting may result from neurological disorders, head trauma, or brain tumors that impair eye-muscle synchronization.

5.Lifestyle factors: Prolonged screen time, stress, and dim lighting can cause eye strain, which in certain situations makes squinting worse. 

Symptoms of Squint :

One or both eyes point in various directions.
Children can have impaired eyesight in one or both eyes.
Children that squint often close one eye in intense sunlight.
Children can experience double vision or visual disorientation. Some children tilt or turn their heads and faces in a specific direction to use their eyes simultaneously. 

Different types of Squint :

Squints can be classified according to the direction in which the eye turns. Here are the four types of squints –

Esotropia is defined as an eye directed towards the nose.

Exotropia refers to when the eye turns outward.

Hypertropia is defined as turning the eye upwards.

Hypotropia occurs when the eye turns downward. 

Squint eye  does not develop on its own, and Squint eye treatment  should begin as soon as possible for the highest chance of success.

Treatments and surgery for squint :

Squint eye treatment for children involves :

Glasses-Glasses can help if your child’s squint is caused by an eye condition, such as long-sightedness.

Eye exercises – workouts for the muscles that control eye movement may help the eyes operate together more effectively.

Surgery- Surgery involves repositioning the muscles that control eye movement so that the eyes align properly. It may be indicated if glasses alone are ineffective.

Injections into eye muscles-Injections into the ocular muscles weaken them, allowing the eyes to line up more accurately. However, the effects usually last less than three months. 

Squint eye treatment in adults :

Squint eye treatment in adults takes into account a variety of criteria, including the underlying origin and severity of the issue. Depending on the type of squint in the patient, non-surgical therapy of strabismus, such as prescription glasses or contact lenses, is frequently the first option for squint eye treatment. Additionally, individuals who squint may benefit from vision therapy, which includes targeted exercises to improve eye coordination.

When non-surgical therapies for strabismus fail, various more options are available. Eye workouts are vital for strengthening eye coordination and muscular control. Prism spectacles can also be prescribed to alter the way light enters the eyes, so lessening the severity of the misalignment.

In cases where these measures fail, squint surgery becomes an option for adults. Squint eye surgery involves precisely adjusting eye muscles to realign the eyes, and our trained eye surgeons perform these interventions with extreme precision, resulting in minimal discomfort and a speedy recovery.

Dr. Anil Alatkar has a long history of achievements and contributions to the area of ophthalmology. His skill is demonstrated by Fellowships at the Aravind Eye Institute in Madurai and the Shankara Netralaya in Chennai, as well as the FRCS Part 1 from the United Kingdom.

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