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Alatkar Maternity and Eye Hospital

Alatkar Maternity and Eye Hospital, born in 1997, is a healthcare institution built on a foundation of compassion, expertise, and community integration for last 27 years where Dr Anil Alatkar and Dr Anita Alatkar have worked untiringly to bring together state-of-the-art technology and trained experienced personnel. It stands as a beacon of comprehensive care, weaving together the threads of maternity and ophthalmology services to create a place where health, hope, and healing converge for the people of Pune and beyond.
Dr Anil Alatkar has a rich history of accomplishments and contributions in the field of ophthalmology. His expertise is exemplified by a Fellowship in Arivind Eye Institute, Madurai and Shankara Netralaya, chennai, & also FRCS Part 1 from the UK.
His international involvement includes a significant study on Temporal Incision cataract surgery VS superior incision cataract surgery , as well as pioneering efforts and early laser treatments in Eales disease. Dr Anil Alatkars dedication to preventing blindness extends beyond borders, with impactful work carried out in Nepal. One of his notable achievements is the successful execution of the first temporal section sutureless surgery in Pune in 1997. 

Newborn Screening Test in Hadapsar, Pune

From its inception to the present day, Alatkar Hospital has organized numerous camps in both urban and rural areas of Pune, focusing on delivering comprehensive eye care services. We take pride in offering tertiary-level surgical interventions for various eye conditions. In a recent milestone, we have introduced the pioneering use of robotic-assisted excimer laser surgery for vision correction (LASIK), which is the first machine in Pune and second in Maharashtra, marking a significant advancement in vision enhancement procedures.

Dr. Anita Alatkar’s remarkable journey in the medical field as a Gynecologist and Anesthesiologist exemplifies her commitment to delivering exceptional care. With a Gold Medal in Anesthesia with AMABERDEKAR AWARD and a pioneering role as a Gynecologist in Hadapsar, Pune, her contributions to Obstetrics and Gynecology have positively impacted the lives of countless women, reflecting her dedication to advancing healthcare standards.
Cutting-edge Diagnostics: With a commitment to accurate diagnostics, the hospital under her guidance offers 3D sonography facilities, enhancing the precision of medical assessments.
Her primary focus is on Obstetrics ,Gynecology and Infertility where she has dedicated herself to serving the needs of women in various stages of their reproductive health journey

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